Remix Material Girl!

Two months of creative work, twenty eight pieces, just one winner: The public has decided and invest DJ Get lost in the flow for as the "Best Remixer“ for his reprise of "Material Girl“, original version by Eliza Doolittle. Thanks to all DJs sending as much fantastic contributions.

Material Girl (EIGHTYONE Remix Edit)


Votes Date Artist Title  
128 23/08/2011 Eightyone Material Girl (EIGHTYONE Remix Edit)
121 04/08/2011 Dead Cut Material Girl (Dead Cuts Cereal Mix)
68 16/09/2011 Klangkulisse Antimatter Love Mix
52 11/08/2011 panx Material Dub ( Panx vlc version)
50 30/08/2011 PM PM REMIX Madona MATERIAL girl
49 18/08/2011 Libero Material Girl (Slow & deep UJAM mix)
49 23/08/2011 BEAT RAY REGGAE-Beat-Ray Mix
46 21/08/2011 Dj EAM Material Girl _DJ E.A.M Feat Eliza Doolittle
41 16/09/2011 Vincent Willnotsaveyou Vincent Willnotsaveyou Remix
28 28/08/2011 Al Cro' Material Girl (70's)